University Hospital Waterford Extension

After ScreenLine Integral Blinds where specified on used on the original Waterford Hospital build we are very happy to be specified on the new extension by Wejchert Architects. A statement from them about the build says:

“The project consists of three floors of wards above a floor for Palliative Care Day services and a dedicated 20 Bed Palliative Care (Hospice) ward. The building sits to the front of the hospital and therefore provides a new face for the hospital. It is located to safeguard for future development. Accommodation has been arranged around a figure of 8 circulation in order to minimise travel distance for nursing staff.

Two light wells provide natural light and ventilation deep into the plan. Internally informal spaces are provided casual spaces for interaction between patients, staff and family. A double height volume allows connectivity between the palliative care ward at lower ground floor and the day service at ground floor, shared functions are arranged around this.

The building utilises a level change across the site to its advantage in order to create privacy to the palliative care rooms below that have direct access to landscaped gardens.

Detail design has commenced and the project is due to start on site towards the end of 2016.”

Stay tuned for updates on this project and see how they use our SL27B system for the perfect shading solution.