ScreenLine UK

Who We Are

ScreenLine UK are the UK based agent for ScreenLine which is a division of Pellini Industries.

Residential Integral Blinds

Our wide range of residential blinds give any home the perfect finishing touch. From manual to motorised systems we have the integral blind solution for you. We have built a wide network of ScreenLine partners across the UK that are ready to help you with your project.

Commercial Integral Blinds

When it comes to commercial projects ScreenLine Blinds are the perfect solution. Our partners have already used our integral blinds in hundreds of small and large commercial projects across the UK. Integral blinds have several benefits over traditional shading solutions.


Our Network

Over the last 20 years we have built a reliable network of Partners across the UK so no project is too large or too small for them.


Italian Made

All ScreenLine blinds are designed and produced in Pellini's factory based just outside of Milan Italy. This means all ScreenLine blind systems are simply beautiful by design and finish.


Hand Finished

All ScreenLine blinds are hand finished in our Italian factory and go through the most stringent quality control tests.


UK Based

We are the UK agent for ScreenLine and are UK Based offering unrivalled support to all of our Partners with an outstanding 20 year relationship with Pellini.


5 Year Guarantee

Extremely confident in our products, as standard we offer a 5 year guarantee on all of our blinds and a 2 year warranty on all external components.


Safe By Design

All of our blind systems are safe by design and ScreenLine UK is a member of the ``Make It Safe`` campaign. This provides you with complete piece of mind when it comes to ScreenLine blinds.

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Clean For Life

ScreenLine integral blinds are completely sealed within a double glazed unit meaning they are clean for life saving you time and money.

No Risk Of Damage

As ScreenLine blinds are sealed into the unit they can not be damage unlike traditional external blinds which are open to all sorts of risk.

Long Life

All of ScreenLine blinds are produced and tested to the highest standards ensuring they are made to last. ScreenLine blinds are rigorously tested to a minimum of 20,000 cycles life cycle testing.

Excellent Light & Solar Control Properties

Our blinds offer great improvements to performance of double glazed units by providing excellent solar and light control properties.

Maintenance Free

One of the major benefits of ScreenLine integral blinds is they are maintenance free along with all our external components which are being made from the most durable components and in some cases coated with sanitised compound.


All of ScreenLine integral blinds guarantee privacy and we also offer a black out blind system if required.